20 of the Best Gifts for Dog Dads

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Sometimes men can be really hard to shop for, but if said man happens to be a dog dad, you’re in luck! Like they say “dogs are a man's best friend” so what better way to surprise the dog dad in your life with a gift that represents their dog! We have dug up some of the best gifts for dog dads for the holidays, Father’s Day, Birthdays, Dog Dad Day and more.

From T-Shirts and Custom Dog Face Socks to Matching Outfits and gadgets—there’s a gift for every “dog dad” on your list.


We are sure you can find somerhing he will cherish from our list of Gifts for Dog Dads!



20 of the Best Gifts for Dog Dads



Custom Dog Photo Pyjama Pants

Custom dog photo pyjama / lounge pants make the perfect gift for dog dads who like to lounge (and who doesn’t?)

Gift Ideas for Dog Dads


Custom Dog Photo T-Shirt

Allow him to show off his love for his best friend everywhere he goes and gift him a custom dog photo T-Shirt!

Gift Ideas for Dog Dads


Personalised Dog Photo Boxer Shorts 

Something for the REAL dog Lovers! Doggieo’s personalised dog photo boxer shorts make the paw-fect gift for the Dog Loving Dad in your life!!

Gift Ideas for Dog Dads


Your Dog Ugly Christmas Sweater

Add a little extra cheer to his Christmas this year with a one of a kind Dog Photo Ugly Christmas Sweater!

Best Gifts for Dog Dads


Matching Dog Dad & Dog Shirts

Whether hanging out at home, at a backyard BBQ, or down at the dog park, you and your dog dad and his dog are going to be the most stylish pair out in their Matching Dog Dad and Dog Shirts!

Best Gifts for Dog Dads


Custom Dog Photo Socks

Let him take his dog everywhere he goes with these custom dog photo socks completely customised with a photo of his dog!

Best Gifts for Dog Dads


Custom Dog Photo Hoodie Blanket 

Let him show off his Dog Dad Status and keep ridiculously warm and comfy at the same time in his completely custom wearable blanket featuring none other than his best fur friend! Check out Doggieo's Custom Dog Photo Hoodie Blanket

Dog Dad Fathers Day Gifts

Dog and owner matching Christmas Shirts!

Your man and his dog will have themselves a very Paw-ry Christmas and be the life of the Christmas Party in their paw-some Dog and Owner Matching Christmas Shirts!!

Gift Ideas for Dog Dads


The DogFather T-Shirt

The Dogfather Shirt for the Ultimate Dog Fathers!!

Best Gifts for Dog Dads


The AquaPaw Bathing Tool

The Aquapaw Bathing Tool is the world's first wearable combination sprayer-scrubber that can be turned on and off by simply making a fist.


Stunt Puppy Stunt Runner Hands-Free Dog Leash

If your dog dad likes to run, the stunt puppy stunt runner dog leash will let him race up and hit the pavement with his pup in tow—no hands required. 

Pet Cube and Mount

Petcube Play allows your dog dad to get an insider look at exactly what his best friend is doing when he’s not around—and say a quick “hello” if his dog seems lonely—thanks to this two-way interactive monitoring camera.

Best Gift for Dog Dads


Silver Dog Cufflinks

Skip giving your dog dad a cliche tie and opt instead for a pair of classy dog cufflinks—like this handcrafted sterling silver set—just right for adding subtle doggy flair to a suit or formal attire.


Rescue Dad” Dog Paw Car Magnet

For the guy who thinks his rescue is nothing short of perfect, here’s a sweet small rescue dog dad gift he can stick on a car, fridge, or other metal surface that lets him know you love his rescue ways, too.


Best Dog Dad Shot Glasses

For the dog dad who likes a hard drink at the end of the day!

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Dog Dad KeyChain

Your Dog Dad will absolutely love this Dog Dad Gift Key Chain the quote A True Friend Leaves Paw Prints On Your Heart


Dog Dad Beer Glass

Imagine how chuffed your Dog Dad will be drinking out of his very own Dog Dad Beer Glass!


Dog Dad Embroidered Baseball Cap

He'll be the raddest Dog Dad at the dog park with his Dog Dad Embroidered Baseball Cap! 


Drink Beer and Pet my Dog T-Shirt

For the simple Dog Dad with Simple needs, this I just wanna drink beer and pet my dog will be his favourite every day shirt!

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So there you have it! We hope you were able to find that speical gift for the Dog Dad in your life!