Shipping Information

At Doggieo, we have multiple international warehouses all over the world to ensure we ship out on the finest quality products and as fast as possible!
Below are the approximate delivery times you can expect from Doggieo once you have placed your order:

Australia & New Zealand
12-15 working days

United Kingdom
15-17 working days

Europe & Republic of Ireland

15-17  working days

USA & Canada
15-17 working days

Rest of the World
15-17 working days


Wherever you are in the world, you will receive a dispatch notice with tracking details once your order has been shipped.


Please note, it is completely normal for the tracking to update only after 3-7 business days as it takes some time for the carrier to receive the package, sort it and then scan it. Freight providers nationwide are experiencing significant delays due to an increase in online shopping so we appreciate your patience in waiting it out.