Dog Mum and Dad Influencers

Do you think you and your dog, have what it takes, to become a Doggieo Brand ambassador?

Well, get in touch if you do!

We're on the lookout for Mum and Dad Dog Influencers to be part of the Doggieo family & help our brand grow


Gifts for Dog Owners


How it Works

Our team will design and personalise a small collection of products, we think will be suitable for you to advertise across your social platforms.

Your Doggieo collection will then be delivered to you directly.

Once you receive your package, you are then able to start posting on your social media account.

You will be required to, on your Social Media account, hashtag #Doggieo and tag @Doggieo_au on all posts' featuring our products.

Per product, you would be required to post at least one image on your home page or grid & one on your Story.

Your social media account will require a minimum of 10,000 followers, per platform, to be eligible for consideration.

As you can imagine, we can receive many applicants. Please don't worry if you do not hear back from us right away. We will be in touch when a product we think is suitable for you and your following, becomes available.


For all Social Media influencer opportunities, please email our team and explain a little bit about you and your dog/s, and why you're perfect to promote the brand!

We currently don't offer payment to our influencers, as we have such bespoke and unique products. Our products take a lot of time, care and love to create

We will gift you Doggieo products for free, in return for posts on your social media page.

Please reach out via email at
Drop us a message on instagram or facebook