Avoiding dog hairs in the house

You have a lot of fondness for your dog, but the fact that the two of you spend so much time together on the sofa means that there is probably a lot of dog hair on your furniture. In point of fact, there is likely to be hair embedded in the carpet, in the crevices of each and every room, and even on your clean clothing. Dogs, particularly those with long coats, take great delight in bringing everyone's attention back to the last place they were. You will be comforted to know that there is a wide choice of equipment and grooming supplies available to assist you in your fight against the accumulation of dog hair in your house. Also, when dogs wear personalized pyjamas or dog hoodies, it becomes more important to remove the access hair to keep cleanliness.


Remove the hair off your dog first, and if possible, complete this task outside of the house. Only then should you begin de-hairing your home. You should get a dog brush and run it through the hair of your pet, beginning at the head and then go towards the tail. Remember to get his breast and underbelly as well, since this is often the area where his hair accumulation first starts to travel to your house.

It is a good idea to take your dog in for thorough grooming if he has extremely long hair, has knots in his fur, or perhaps needs his paw pads cut or nails clipped. If all of these things apply to your dog, it is a good idea to take him in. Not only will he seem and feel better, but there will be less hair in your house for you to bother about cleaning up.


If you have a dog with long hair or if you live in a home with several dogs, your standard vacuum cleaner is generally not going to be sufficient for the job. Instead, you may want to think about purchasing a vacuum that is designed exclusively for cleaning up pet hair. These vacuums often include a HEPA filter and have designs that are created particularly to reach deep into your carpets and remove undesirable hair. In addition, these vacuums have designs that are made specifically to reach deep into your carpets.

Keep an eye out for anything that can be easily maneuvered into tight spaces. Even if you have a high-quality vacuum, it's possible that you'll need to run it a second time to get rid of all the hair. Moving ahead, be sure to frequently empty the canister of the vacuum cleaner and vacuum at least once every few days to avoid an accumulation of hair and dander.