Making your home livable for your dog on Christmas

The arrival of the Christmas season may bring joy to all members of the family, including the family pet. Younger dogs that have never experienced Christmas have a lot to learn from all the new sights and scents that flood the house over the holiday season. Despite the joy of the season, however, some of the decorations, foods, and presents that fill the home may actually be harmful to animals. There are a few things you can do to ensure the safety of your pet throughout the Christmas season, whether it's a dog, cat, or small animal.

When it comes to Christmas garlands, few things are as fascinating to dogs and cats as a Christmas tree. Many dogs, both real and fake, are drawn to the Christmas tree for its soft skirt, dangling decorations, and sturdy branches that are just begging to be climbed. Cats, in particular, are drawn to these trees because of the ways in which they may be used as play structures, play gyms, and exercise centers. Anchoring your Christmas tree is one method to keep it from causing mayhem and harm.

Using an eye hook and some strong fishing line to secure a tree to the ground is a straightforward technique. You may prevent the tree from falling by screwing the hook into the ceiling and then using the fishing line to anchor it. This might help protect the tree from being accidentally knocked down by a dog.

Less wiring

You may imagine the temptation posed by a heap of Christmas lights if you've ever seen your cat get tangled up in a ball of yarn. While a cat may be mesmerized by the flashing lights, you should be aware that if it decides to gnaw on the tangled wires, it might get an unpleasant electric shock. It's possible that rabbits and ferrets, among other small animals, might find electrical wires and lights to be delicious.