Tailgating your dog

There are a lot of motives to have a party during the autumn season, but holding a wild tailgate party is one of the most enjoyable things you can do at this time of year. After all, celebrating your favorite football team with your family, friends, and even your dogs is a time-honored custom that can be enjoyed by everyone in the family, even the four-legged members.

However, before you bring your cherished canine companion with you, it is important to think about all of the specifics of the event in order to determine what it is that you will need to bring in order to ensure that your dog is able to remain calm and comfortable despite the presence of a large number of partygoers. The following is a helpful and responsible guide to tailgate with your dog in the proper manner, as well as how to make memories that will live for years to come with your fur baby.

Bringing one's own grilling and tailgating supplies

Even if Fido manages to sneak his way around the barbeque in search of some meat drippings or if he chooses to poke his nose in the ice chest, you still need to be careful about allowing him to ingest anything other than his own food and water on a regular basis. At home, it's probably okay to give him a few nibbles from your plate, but at the tailgate party, it's best not to let him graze on anybody else's food plates or drink cups, especially if you don't know what's on or in those items.

Food items such as pork ribs or spicy chicken wings may be detrimental to the health and digestion of your dog, and any residues of alcohol that may be left in a cup that has been left out can also be just as dangerous. Because this is a momentous occasion, you should be sure to bring your lovable furball some of his favorite jerky snacks so that he may nosh on them while everyone else enjoys their own BBQ feasts. This will prevent him from feeling ignored throughout the celebration and will also keep him busy with any leftover leftovers that may be around.